November 27th, 2005 Celebration Europe will most likely change venues from Earl's Court to ExCel in London.  Celebration Europe will take place July 13-17th, 2007 and rumor has it SEVERAL (by several, I am talking large numbers...upwards of a hundred) of NEW signers.  We shall see.  I hope you all have lots of money! Celebration Europe will be filled with live entertainment, celebrities from all six movies, special film and video presentations, an exhibit of original movie props and costumes, exclusive merchandise, pop culture tributes, interactive events, a costume contest, and much more


May 2nd, 2005 Photos of the celebs are online. Enjoy.  You will notice me in there for those curious as to what I look like (okay I need to lose some weight and grow!). Also, I have completed the Pull Sheet but opted not to put it online.  If you'd like to see what it looked like etc, please email and I'll forward it to you email. I left it off because of it's size.   


May 1st, 2005    Added three figures to the Autographs obtained at CIII and also a Multi-signed Jabba's Palace photo.  Also online are some candid celebrity photos


April 30th, 2005  Photos online for all the pay for/Official Pix autographs I got at CIII. Also, two unsigned photos are online. Miscellaneous Photos online. More to follow!


April 29th, 2005  Photos online for Costumes and Crowds. Also online are the Artist signatures, Crew and Author Autographs I got in person at CIII.


April 28th, 2005  Photos from the Lucas show, the Rick McCallum Show and the Artists show are online.  Also online is the Author signature I got in person.  More tomorrow!


April 27th, 2005  The photos from the Lucas Archives is now online.  Please come back later for the photos from the Art show and the George Lucas Show.  Let me know what you think!


April 26th, 2005  Updates now include Celebration III freebie list/promo items.  Also, Friday and Saturday Diary is online and I have packaged some of the orders and a few will be mailed late this afternoon.


April 25th, 2005  I am back and there'll be updating for a whole week, so keep coming back daily.  For today, I just wanted to update the first two days online.  Therefore, there is an online diary for Wednesday, the day before the convention and Thursday, the first day.  More tomorrow.


February 25th, 2005  Check out the Celebration III Passes  And here's the Vader action figure exclusive:


February 22nd, 2005  Have you been checking the guest updates?  If not, do so now, as we are up to 22 guests.  I will be listing a rumors here.  So far, there are many rumored as always and you can take it with a grain of salt.  Hear of more rumors?  Let me know!


Rumored and likely:  Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Gerald Home, William Hoyland, Bodie Taylor, Daniel Logan, Barrie Holland, Mike Edmonds, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Dave Prowse, Nailini Krishan, Mark Hamill, Jeremy Bulloch, Ian Liston, Garrick Hagon, Steve Sansweet, Rick McCallum

Rumored and less likely:  Sam Jackson,

Rumored and UNLIKELY:  George Lucas, Natalie Portman, Christopher Lee, Jimmy Smits


January 27th, 2005  C2 Ventures will be officially handling the autograph area again.  Though I knew for a couple weeks, I was not allowed to post the information.  However, the autographs will run $15 each and there will be an additional $10 charge to enter the autograph area.  I guess that's to avoid loitering and not buying, though I think this is taking advantage of loyal fans.  They have been given exclusive rights to photo from Revenge of the Sith and have already asserted this new found wealth upon lowly fans/collectors.  The autographs will run pretty much the way they did last time.  The Exclusive Action Figures will be $15 each instead of $10 as last time and are limited to the number of days you attend.  If you hold a 1 day badge, you will be allowed ONE figure.  Two day... two.  Three days...three.  Four days....4.  I am a little slow to post this time; but I promise to try to get information faster to you... it's been a tough couple weeks for us personally.


January 24th, 2005  Mary Oyaya will be attending Celebration III.  The exclusive figure will be Darth Vader and it will talk.  In other news, those holding 4 day passes will receive the obligatory lanyard and an exclusive pencil Topper. I however, will probably now be unable to attend due to the expenses incurred recently due to a death in the family and some other major expenses.  We'll play it by ear, but it's not looking good and I'd hate to leave my pets alone another few days all alone.  However, I'll be keeping this up enthusiastically for everyone else as it will be the largest event EVER in the Star Wars realm. 


December 24th, 2004  Rena Owen will be attending Celebration III.  Also, there will be costume judging, fan tables will be set up in Exhibit Hall C.  Such groups are from collectible groups, those who make custom figures, or just fan gathering groups from around the country.  They'll be giving away small items to promote their causes, so make sure you stop by and take a look.  For a list of the groups attending, visit or the official site.  There will be a collectibles panel to answer your questions about "value" or "rarity" of some of your Star Wars collectibles.  It'll be hosted by Gus Lopez, a collector.  The event will be held in the The Whiteriver Ballroom.  A poster presentation will be given as well as other collectible items from food items and store displays to 'strange' items. More news will be posted as I learn about it!  Till then, Happy Holidays!


December 8th, 2004  Peter Mayhew is attending Celebration III!


December 4th, 2004 More guests announcements:  The 501st Garrison, Joe Corroney, Monty Moore, Randy Martinez, Jan Duursema, Tsuneo Sanda  (yay, one I would like to meet and get a sig from if possible) and Cynthia Cummins will be in attendance as well. Also, Luke Ski says he's performing.  I am not quite sure who he is.  Maybe a parody performer like Weird Al?  There will be another 'exclusive figure' but no word what it will be.  Federation toys will have a booth there.  Fan Films will be judged there again... Wizards of the Coast will have gaming tables.


December 3rd, 2004 Guest Announcements: Charlie Ross, One man Star Wars Trilogy and Amy Allen (Ayala Secura) have both stated they will be attending.  3 guests found so far.  Coupons will be issued again.  Price is up for the autographs from 12.00 to 15.00 this time.  Registration is now available as well as booking hotel rooms.  Go to to register.


October 26th, 2004 I have heard from an Author who'll be at CIII; his name is Todd Carlton and he's the author of the Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book.  Be sure to stop by his little booth!


April 19, 2004  Unveiling of the Star Wars Logo.  Starting in May, I'll be making a new page for Celebration III so that it looks more like Celebration II's page.  There are promises of HUGE surprises at CIII, and here's the first tidbits of what'll be happening:

.  What interests me is the sneak peak at the future of Star Wars...and the improved fan club membership benefits. 


January 23rd, 2004  Confirmed!  Celebration III will be held at the Indianapolis Convention Center April 21st - April 24th, 2005.  Steve Sansweet tells fans via, that the event will be bigger and better.  They will occupy the entire convention center with the exception of the RCA Dome.  Stay tuned for more news as it comes.



January 13th, 2004:  There is no official word about Celebration III other than there are plans to have on.  There is a site that is petitioning for it to be held in San Diego and other people are lobbying Lucasfilm for their cities to be chosen, but the logical place is where it was last time in Indianapolis, Indiana, which is mid country. The Indianapolis Convention center is ideal!  It's beautiful, the hotels are plentiful and RIGHT across the street as are the food places and gas stations.  We didn't need to use our car at all. It was a great site and I like that it was even middle ground for those of us fans from all over. Here's the official word such as it is from Steve Sansweet:

""We look for a city with a large and convenient convention center or similar facility, reasonably-priced hotels nearby, as centrally located or as easily reachable by air and car as possible, used to entertaining big crowds (we topped out at around 27,000 people last year), and friendly. We've been approached with a lot of suggestions for Star Wars Celebration III, and we hope to be able to settle on a location no later than this summer. You'll read the first official word here at"

Rumor has it late spring  of 2004 we will have a date and location. Rumors always leak out ahead of time and I'll be right there with the scoop.