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These are Official Pix Celebration III official licensed autographs. The prices were 15 and 25 each.  There were over a hundred to choose from.  I could not afford all of them, so I chose to get the ones I considered rarer or the ones I know don't sign ttm or the ones that I don't have nice items from.  If I could, I'd get them all but there were just too many to choose from!


                                                                                    Caroline Blakiston  Bodie Taylor        Bodie Taylor


                                                                                     Bai Ling               Christine Hewitt   Gerald Home

                                                                                     Daniel Logan       Matt Wood            Matt Wood

                                                                                     Orli Shoshan        Ralph Brown       Simon Williamson

                                                                                     Simon Williamson Jay Laga'aia        Barrie Holland



I decided to get a couple photos of Michael Kingma as he did not show; maybe I can get the signed at some point in time.


Both photos are of Michael Kingma