Rick McCallum Show


Below is a photo gallery of the Rick McCallum Spectacular, which was a talk, Q & A . Clips were shown from Ep III (The longest yet!) and we learned yes, there'll be a live action 30 TV show, and yes, a Young Indiana Jones DVD set; and yes, the Clone Wars Animated series will be expanded to 30 minutes.  No, there won't be a 7, 8 and 9 Trilogy.  Stupid questions about cameras used also someone asked Rick to take his resume (file 13 that just for being ridiculous!). Rick's future is still with Lucasfilm and he'll be working on lots more stuff, including the expanded universe and other independent Lucasfilm projects. Sorry, photos suck! 

                                                                                                  Rick on stage             Rick on Screen

George Lucas Show


We learned the same things as in Rick's show.  We saw more clips... he answered what he'll be doing next (a lot of other projects and is intending to get away from Star Wars for a bit). A child got to go on stage and get a photo and shake his hand.  The event was hosted by Jay Laga'aia


                                                                                    Yoda                    Grievous               We get Lucas Wrist Bands!

                                                                                    CIII Logo               George Lucas      He's Here? Serious?

                                                                                    In the House!        The Crowd            Emcee Jay Laga'aia

                                                                                    Katie and Jett       George Lucas!      Rick, George and Jay

  ILM Artists Show


The art department at ILM had a Q&A session.  The even was hosted by Jay Laga'aia and the attendees included: Robert E Barnes (sculptor), Derek Thompson, Erik Tiemens, Warren Fu, Feng Zhu, Ryan Church and Mike Murnane.  Derek and Erik are identified individually below.  The one with the hat is Mike Murnane and the one with the curly hair is Robert Barnes. Feng Zhu I believe is the one with the banded hat.  Warren Fu is in sitting near Mike Murnane. 

                                                                                     Art Dept Logo      Jay Laga'aia         All Seven!


                                                                                     Derek Thompson  Derek and Erik     Six of them...


                                                                                     Intently listening   The Art Dept         Erik signing