Free Stuff/Promo items (in no particular order)

A few of these will be scanned in later; if you'd like to see something in particular, please email

CIII Badges (several different styles)

CIII orange Lanyard

Poster Max Rebo (I found one of these in the trash)

Button  "Thank the Maker" from

Cingular rubber photo holder keychain (I kept trying to NOT take these and they were pushing them on people)

Preview card of the next 5 Hallmark Ornaments:  Coming this July

Vivid Vision card (3D) from

Voting card from  Save Chewie!

Ray Park card announcing his website coming next year.

Geek Squad official Absentee kit CD-Rom

The Bags from the store and from the check-in point.

The Plastic cups (from your soda purchases-I forgot to save this)

Catalogs from Brian's Toys and another toy company (I threw these away as they were heavy).

The official program guide/schedule

The official Pix order form

Official Pix flyer

Star Wars announcement and magnet from the museum of science.

Cingular Flyer "Win the Vader Viper"

Target Coupon pack/foldout ad

Trivial Pursuit limited edition bonus CD/

Lego Bricks Poster

4 501st Trading cards

Topps Promo cards "Revenge of the Sith" P 1 and P 4 (Grievous)

Return of the Jedi card P5 "Slave Leia"  

Elvis Stormtrooper trading card (he was signing if you asked him)

Del Rey Publisher's paperback book "Shatterpoint"

Items that I did not get I heard were there:

Several promo posters ... there were a ton, but I didn't have time to go find them all

Rubber band bracelets

DVD from a studio that makes Star Wars busts.

Free M & M's Dark chocolate

Burger King Crowns for the kids with Star Wars characters on them.

Artist Tsuneo Sanda had 8x10's but those were gone FAST.

Did I miss something?  If so, please email me and let me know.