Costumes and Crowds at CIII



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These are photos of some of the people who dressed up and below are some crowd photos. My only regret is I did not get photos of the Ewok and the Ghostbusters guys.  Sorry!  Others I saw I did not take photos of are Darth Mauls, Aurra Sing, Aayla Secura, Jar Jar Binks, young Anakin, Jocasta Nu and several Imperial officers and pilots.

Anakin and Obi    Leia and Chewy    Leia from back


       Han and Chewie  Jango & Kit Fisto   Boba Fett and Trooper

Trooper & Vader   Han/Chew/Droopy Han/Chewy/Officer

Jack Sparrow       Trooper/Vader      Kit Fisto?

Stormtrooper            Elvis Jawa



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Line near Entry    One part of line   Same line Continues

Non FC line        Not bad!            Typical line

Inside hall           Inside Hall           Store Line