Below is a photo gallery of the Lucasfilm Archives, which was a display of costumes and props from the films.  This was in a room at Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis, Indiana April 2005.  Click on the Thumbnails for larger views.  I'll have hi-res images available later on.

Bow Caster/Props  Darth Costume     Prop Plaque

Darth Costume     Falcon Model        Falcon Model

Jawa Vehicle        Jawa Vehicle        Hero Costumes

Ep III Lava!            Trilogy Costumes Wampa and Han

Obi Costume        Padmé Costume   Anakin Costume

Weapons              Light Sabers         More Sabers

Destroyer Model    Speeder Model     Speeder Model


Model                    Yoda                   Yoda

Weapons Plaque  Weapons              More Weapons

Wookies              Wookies              Wookies