There were 56 photos available excluding the chase photos in those expensive exclusive albums and Silas Carson, who didn't show. Here's the PULL SHEET I have in my personal collection, 51 photos including the ones  Needed: Blake 1, 2, 3, Bourriague 1 and Prowse 1, 2

Amy Allen          Kenny Baker        Kenny Baker

Shannon Baksa   Jerome Blake      Paul Blake        

Bruce Boa           Michonne B        Phil Brown

Jeremy Bulloch    Jeremy Bulloch   Jeremy Bulloch

Michael Carter     Ken Colley          Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis     Warwick Davis    Peter Diamond  

Peter Diamond    Peter Diamonds  Mike Edmonds

Mike Edmonds    Carrie Fisher       Carrie Fisher 

Carrie Fisher       Carrie Fisher       Julian Glover

Julian Glover       Rusty Goffe        Rusty Goffe

Garrick Hagon     John Hollis          Bill Hootkins

Nalini Krishan     LeParmentier       Ian Liston

Angus MacInnes Peter Mayhew     Peter Mayhew     

Mary Oyaya        Bonnie Piesse    Dave Prowse

Mike Quinn         Tim Rose            Alan Ruscoe  

Alan Ruscoe       Alan Ruscoe       Michael Sheard

Femi Taylor        Billy Dee             Billy Dee Williams