Celebration II Pull Sheet.  This shows all the autographs available. With the exception of Silas Carson's pictures.  He was a no-show. See Under the Pull sheet for a listing of the names and numbers.



Starting at top and going left to right. Allen (Amy Allen as Aayla Secura), Baker 1 (Kenny Baker), Baker 2 (Kenny Baker), Baksa (Shannon Baksa), Blake J 1 (Jerome Blake), Blake J 2 (Jerome Blake), Blake J 3 (Jerome Blake), Blake J 4 (Jerome Blake), Blake P (Paul Blake), Boa (Bruce Boa), Bourriague 1 (Michonne Bourriague), Bourriague 2 (Michonne Bourriague), Brown (Phil Brown), Bulloch 1 (Jeremy Bulloch), Bulloch 2 (Jeremy Bulloch), Bulloch 3 (Jeremy Bulloch), Carson 1 (Silas Carson), Carson 2 (Silas Carson), Carson 3 (Silas Carson), Carter (Mike Carter), Colley (Ken Colley), Davis 1 (Warwick Davis), Davis 2 (Warwick Davis), Davis 3 (Warwick Davis), Diamond 1 (Peter Diamond), Diamond 2 (Peter Diamond), Diamond 3 (Peter Diamond), Edmonds 1 (Mike Edmonds), Edmonds 2 (Mike Edmonds), Fisher 1 (Carrie Fisher), Fisher 2 (Carrie Fisher), Fisher 3 (Carrie Fisher), Fisher 4 (Carrie Fisher), Glover 1 (Julian Glover), Glover 2 (Julian Glover), Goffe 1 (Rusty Goffe), Goffe 2 (Rusty Goffe), Hagon (Garrick Hagon), Hollis (John Hollis), Hootkins (Bill Hootkins), Kirshan (Nailini Krishan), LeParmentier (Richard LeParmentier), Liston (Ian Liston), MacInnes (Angus  MacInnes), Mayhew 1 (Peter Mayhew), Mayhew 2 (Peter Mayhew), Oyaya (Mary Oyaya), Piesse (Bonnie Piesse), Prowse 1 (David Prowse), Prowse 2 (Dave Prowse), Quinn (Mike Quinn), Rose (Timothy Rose), Ruscoe 1 (Alan Ruscoe), Ruscoe 2 (Alan Ruscoe), Ruscoe 3 (Alan Ruscoe), Sheard (Michael Sheard), Taylor (Femi Taylor), Williams 1 (Billy Dee Williams), Williams 2 (Billy Dee Williams).