Jango Fett (left) and Aura Sing (Center) and a life-sized Jango Fett Lego


Mara Jade (left) and Another Mara Jade (right)!


Fett takes a prisoner (Left) While Han,

Chewie and a mini Amidala pose for a photo.

Chewie and Han stayed in our hotel. 

Chewie liked the food better there.

Star fighter from Ep II.... can't wait to see it in the film!

The 501st in formation is disbanding

The 501st forms their squad. Here is when

a Stormtrooper asked the general if she

would marry him.  She said yes!


Fett, Tusken Raider, Trooper &

a General patrol the Hyatt

Regency for Rebels. 

Luckily, I was out of view...

Inside Exhibit Hall D where I spent almost

all my time.  Here is where the celebs were

and most of the exhibitors

Everywhere I went, Han and Chewie were

 there.  There was no escape.


Vader (left) Lego in life size scale. And

Yoda was built by the kids in 3 days!




Here, Scout troopers, Obi's and the real

Star fighter of Ep II is on view. See a trooper

with a speeder bike costume?

A Stormtrooper answers

questions. He admitted that

17 hours of wearing the amour

did not endear him to his

friends in the elevator.


A Vader Lego shot and a Rebel must've bagged a wampa..

Where the rest of the Wampa is only he knows!

An older and heavier Obi Wan;

everyone wants to be the hero. 

 In the back is one of the

artist's wives...


Crowd shot near the entrance