Anthony Daniels works the crowd. Oh my God, it's C-3PO! When he stopped by my husband and son, he asked my son

if he was smoking a joint! Hmmm, how does C-3PO know that? 


Billy Dee Williams hardly looked up.  He wasn't in the best of moods.

Alan Ruscoe in Grey, and Michael Sheard enjoy a slight breather.


Bonnie Piesse (Left) loved the crowds.  Bruce Boa seemed to enjoy himself as well.


Dave Prowse (left) was hugely busy non stop and Garrick

Hagon (Center) liked sharing stories with everyone. The Star

of the day was Stormtrooper Elvis who Bill Hootkins is seen here with.  He thought it was pretty cool as well!


Two small photos of John Hollis signing away even though he wasn't feeling too well and Mary Oyaya's first show (far right).


Julian Glover and Ken Colley spy me taking a photo.


Michael Carter (left) signs away while Michonne Bourriague (right) chats with her Star Wars celebrity neighbor.



Mike Edmonds was gracious and had a nice accent while

Peter Mayhew wasn't feeling too well and a little unhappy.

At least he got a breather that moment.



Phil Brown (Left) was a trooper and Richard LeParmentier

liked the ladies a LOT.


Nailini Krishan loved her 1st appearance. And she obliges even Dave for a photo.  Watch that hand Dave!


Two Artists were gracious to sign (can't remember who

they were at this time) and Tim Rose was kind every time

I went by.


Another photo of John Hollis (left) and Ian Liston (Right) entertains the fans.  At least I think it's Ian Liston. 


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