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Celebrity Guests

(pricing does NOT include photo purchase; Photos may be purchased for 5.00 at the Official Pix booth)


David Ankrum - 2 Coupons
David Barclay - 2 Coupons
Lightning Bear - 3 Coupons

Jerome Blake - Coupons

Caroline Blakiston - Coupons

Jeremy Bulloch -4 Coupons
Sean Crawford - 2 Coupons

John Coppinger - Coupons
Dermot Crowley - 2 Coupons

Anthony Daniels - 5 Coupons

Warwick Davis (GOH) ***
Tim Dry - 2 Coupons
Mike Edmonds - 3 Coupons

Dave & Lou Elsey - Coupons

Julian Glover - Coupons

Mark Hamill -  85 pounds or 170 dollars US

Garrick Hagon - Coupons
Christine Hewitt - 3 Coupons
Barrie Holland - 3 Coupons

Nalini Krishan - Coupons

Jay Laga'aia -  Coupons

Richard LeParmentier - Coupons
Ian Liston - 2 Coupons

Daniel Logan - 3 Coupons

Ian McDiarmid - Coupons
Toby Philpott - 3 Coupons

Dave Prowse - 5 Coupons
Matt Sloan - 3 Coupons

Peter Mayhew - Coupons
Shannon McRandle - 2 Coupons
John Mollo - 2 Coupons 

Temeura Morrison - CANX
Brian Muir - 2  Coupons

Mary Oyaya - Coupons

Ray Park - 4 Coupons

Toby Philpott - 3 Coupons

Dave Prowse - 5 Coupons

Matt Sloan - Coupons

Joe Viskocil - 2  Coupons
Danny Wagner - 2 Coupons

Robert Watts - Coupons

Billy Dee Williams - 5 coupons

Simon Williamson - Coupons

Matthew Wood - Coupons


Special Guest Appearances

Gerald Home - 10 cash (not on the coupon system) for a signed C3, C4, or 30th anniversary photo (now a rare commodity);
15 for one of these PLUS a bonus non-SW photo, like Gerald as Mr Muscle or with his 3 action figures, as seen on his website! He'll be signing Saturday and possibly Sunday.  Mr. Home will be appearing for a FAN group (not a dealer) but be at the Lightsabre's table (table d-74) in the Dealers' Room.  This is for a charitable event; half the money will go to cancer research in the UK and because the prices are so low and you are giving to charity as well, get two or three!  It may be tax deductible! 


Do you know of any guests?  if so, email us at dahoov2@cox.net


Crew Appearances:


Rick McCallum (will not be signing)

Don Bies (will not be signing)


Do you know of any guests?  if so, email us at dahoov2@cox.net


Misc. appearances:

Charlie Ross (Star Wars One Man Trilogy) **

Steve Sansweet

Haden Blackman (Video Games)
Julio Torres (Video Games)
Nathalie Cox (Video Games)
Sam Witwer (Video Games)


Do you know of any guests?  If so, email us at dahoov2@cox.net


Tentative fan related guests/Representatives:


do you know of more fan related guest appearance?  If so, email us at dahoov2@cox.net


Dealers/People setting up booths to sell


Do you know of any more sellers, dealers or companies?  If so, email us at dahoov2@cox.net



Opening Ceremony

(including remarks from Celebs and 501st)


R2 Builders Unit

(including droid hunt)



  • Spanish Star Wars Collectibles

  • Collecting 101

  • Mexican Star Wars Collectibles

  • Autograph Collecting

  • Australian Star Wars Collectibles
    Hilarious Star Wars Items


Larry Noble ***

(will be doing a live sculpture which one fan will win)

Cynthia Cummens


Dan & Dan

Randy Martinez

Terese Nielsen

Cat Staggs

Chris Trevas

Brent Woodside

Matt Busch

Joe Corroney

Tom Hodges

Adam Hughes

Brian Rood

Allison Sohn

Marc Wolfe

Steve Anderson

Dave Dorman

Tommy Lee Edwards

Ralph McQuarrie

(Ralph McQuarrie not attending but artwork available)

Monte Moore

Jason Palmer

Tsuneo Sanda

Ken Steacy

Jerry Vanderstelt

Russell Walks