03/12/06 Virginia Beach, VA

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Left to Right: Side of boat, View from Pier, inside the boat and people sighted a whale.


Left to Right:  2 photos of the view of shoreline and two photos of the other boat, the Rudee Whaler


Left to Right: View from side of boat, view of shore and another view of the other boat the Rudee Whaler


Left to Right: Brochure and ticket from the trip

Whale Watching Trip:  Cost:  25.00 per person for a 2 hour cruise.  You go a couple miles out in the water is all.  Supposedly you may see dolphins, seals  porpoises,  sea turtle, pelicans, and various whales.  We didn't see anything except to far off sightings that were one blow hole and one arched back.  It was so quick by the time we brought the camera up to our eye, it was gone!  Suggestions to go:  Sunscreen in Summer,  light jacket in spring, jacket in fall/winter.  Camera/film, water, Dramamine if you get ill.  Stable shoes (the boat rocks so something with a rubber sole), and cash in case you want a snack (small snacks on ship.  Location: Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center 717 General Booth Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA 23451