What is Star Tours?  This is a ride at Disney Theme parks based on the Star Wars films.  I got to finally go there in Spring of 2004 and had a blast.  See below for photos and a play by play of our trip and experience.  Must be at least 3 years old AND 40 inches tall to ride the ride. Due to the nature of this attraction, expectant mothers and Guests with certain physical conditions should not ride. Opened in 1987 and is a flight simulator 3D experience. Wait time varies.  Ride time 3-4 minutes.                                                     


RUMOR:  Star Tours is in need of major refurbishment and will be closing sometime soon. 

Official word:  August 4th, 2003..."At this time there has been no announcement of any closure or refurbishment of the Star Tours attraction at the Disney-MGM Studios." -Disney Spokesperson

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