Notes on Ebay, Sites That Sell, and Fakes  

by Sue Hooven 

    Some claim that good deals are far and few in between when purchasing a signature.  Though true on one level, that doesn't make it true on others.  All these words do, is encourage Ebay Sellers to jack up prices.  So now, instead of paying $9.99 for that bad Ebay fake, you are paying $49.99 for that Ebay fake!  I don't know about you, but I would be very embarrassed buying a more expensive fake!  Or worse yet, a copy of a fake! Here's some advice that's helped me:

     Don't buy into advice given to you by those who sell stuff. You will note a couple of people offering sale items for people who sign free through the mail!  There's something diametrically wrong with someone telling you don't pay $9.99 for an item and on another page on their site, selling you something for $25 or $45 that you can get for free. What they are saying to you is, "trust me because I charge more".  I am reminded of the old adage "A fool and his money are soon parted". 


     Here's what you should do: 

Well, that's about all for now.  Just some common sense rules you should consider before buying  It took me years to learn what the heck I was doing and to be honest, I still have a problem now and then.  But never fear, in the end, though daunting as it may seem, there are some good Ebay deals out there.  Sure, every once in the while even would be enthusiasts like me will get stupid, but it's called being human.  All you can do is educate yourself and do the best you can. 

May the Ebay Force be with you!

ADDENDUM:  This article was written with no particular people in mind.  I've received an email from a paranoid person last night who claims notations on my address diary had to do with them (and threatened me with "slander").  Anything I write is usually spurred  on by a number of incidents in general and do not pertain to just one entity! However, had any of my comments been strictly about one entity, they would be unjust in their accusations.  So for clarification, here is the definition of Slander:

  SLANDER: As defined in Miriam's/Webster's dictionary so as not to be taken out of context!:

Main Entry: 2slander
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English sclaundre, slaundre, from Old French esclandre, from Late Latin scandalum stumbling block, offense -- more at SCANDAL
Date: 14th century
1 : the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another's reputation
2 : a false and defamatory oral statement about a person -- compare LIBEL


Think  you've been slandered?

To prove slander,  the person has to show that the false statements were directed at them.

To prove that the statements were indeed false and delivered in a malicious attempt

That the statements, if proved to be slandered, the result caused damage

That the damage can be proved

Then if slander and damage is proven, the amount of damage must be stated and also proven.


Your best bet if you think you have been slandered,  is to hire a lawyer.  Some lawyers will give you free consults.