About me!

To clarify this site for people and for people to keep things in perspective so I don't come across as something I am not, let me tell you a little about me.


      I am a middle-aged mother of two from the United States of America.  I am married and as of now am not working (hence why I devote so much time to autograph collecting and my site).  I am short, chubby if not bordering on plain fat (that's ok, I know and am working on it) and just your average looking person. I have two cats, Felix and Thumper.  We are middle income and live in a middle income neighborhood.  Jason has a GED and is now a plumber's apprentice and has joined the weekend Navy reserves.  Jeremy had graduated high school and will be going to school shortly to study computer animation.  Scott, has an associates degree and needs a few credits to graduate with a contracting/business degree but never did.  I am not a college graduate... I have enough credits to be one, but never got that piece of paper.  My education is limited to a couple courses in Michigan, 2 years at Minot State University in North Dakota, One year at a community college in Arizona, and finally, a whole bunch of miscellaneous courses, mostly computer related courses at a college near my home called Thomas Nelson.  I am proud of maintaining a 3.97 GPA. I don't consider myself smart though.  My grades were just the result of a lot of work.  I believe anyone can have great grades.  I am one who goes through life with no ambition for any particular thing, but just learns at will.  If they had a course on autograph collecting, I'd be in it.  Since there's no such thing I am aware of, I kind of deem myself my own teacher.  But truthfully, although I majored in Social Work with a minor in Art and Art History, I never graduated.  I don't plan on ever graduating either.  But I will continue to grow and learn.

     I maintain no religious attachments but was brought up Catholic, became a born again Christian and attended several churches of different denominations to "check it out".  I hold no political affiliation and go with the issues, but if pressed to give an answer as to what I am, I consider myself a liberal conservative.  I don't vote straight along party lines.  I LOVE animals.  I believe pets are almost better than humans.  At least they aren't doing things out of spite, can't lie to you, don't steal from you and don't sass you.  My charity of choice is the ASPCA.  I am a firm believer that if you are consider white trailer trash, that's fine if you are decent trailer trash...be proud.  I don't drink except maybe once or twice a year to blow off steam.  I don't smoke or do drugs.  I won't deny that I experimented with substances in my teen years.  I've never been convicted of a crime.  I have been sued twice in my lifetime where once I won against the state (sort of) and once I lost (it was a car accident and I rear-ended someone because of slippery rain). I have never sued anyone even though I've had a couple winning chances.  It's not my thing to be litigious.  I am a pessimist.  Cynical at times and very  strong in my convictions.  I have more than once played the martyr.  I think old people ought to be treated with respect "no matter what".  I think to be judged by race, sex,  political affiliation or religious affiliation is only done by ignorant people.  I believe people should be judged on their kindness, their willingness to try and how much they try to better themselves.  If a person were drowning, I think I might jump in, but I couldn't say for sure.  I think I am courageous, but my courage has never been tested in that way.   If I see an injustice, I step in readily and many times it backfires, but that's ok.  It's trying that matters to me.  I believe the principle of the issue is most important and people should not shrink form their convictions, even if they hold no power!  I think babies are cute but I don't want anymore.  I am ready to be retired. Blue-green Crayola Crayon color used to me my favorite color, but now it's it's probably Wedgwood blue.  My favorite food is probably pasta or bread.  I love Yoo Hoo but am I a diet Pepsi fan. I coffee with cream (no sugar) but prefer tea.   I don't like too much snack food but if I have ice cream, it better be Haagen-Dazs coffee is the best!  I have a problem with speeding.  I have had a couple traffic violations.  I drive a Blue Mustang, desire a red Mercedes Convertible but my next car will probably be an "old person's car".  Kids are people too.  Teenagers need to have their mouths slapped occasionally, only you can't do it because of the way society is.  Everyone should serve their country at least for a short time.  Everyone should do volunteer work at least once.  I believe in showing up to work on time,  and showing up ever day unless you are on vacation.  I believe if you hate your job you can voice your opinion about it but should always do your best anyway.  You have the option to quit. I believe that cleaning toilets is not beneath me.  I believe a person should not be on welfare indefinitely and only use it as a stepping stone.  I believe you should be loyal to your friends, but I also believe no one cares about you as much as you do and if it comes down to "you or them", they will go for themselves, so you must watch out for you.  I love lilacs. I love nature. I talk too much. My favorite season is fall.  I dream of living in Vermont and watching the leaves change.  I root for the Red Sox, the Patriots and the Bruins and Celtics. They're losers with heart.  I broke my foot once coming out of a hot tub at a hotel.  I like plays, shows, concerts.  I like all music by am not a fan of Opera, Country or Elevator music.  I like Classical, Rock, Pop, Jazz.  I detest Rap music.  I like all movies but am drawn to sci-fi and fantasy and action/adventure more.  I like a good dare.  I am pretty much a homebody, but have been know to do wild and crazy things.  My favorite TV show now is the West Wing.  I love Jeopardy.  I like Simon from Pop Idol.  He's entitled to his opinion.  I've been married over 20 years.  I've never been divorced.  I love Star Wars. My favorite character is Yoda because I would like to be Yodaesque.  I am known for isms. My favorite singer is Steve Perry from the group Journey. 

    My main hobby is autographs, though I do cake decorating (I took some courses in it actually) and other craft related things occasionally.  I love history, especially about ancient Egypt and Greece.  I like making websites and watching movies too. I collect junk. I have a porcelain collection, boxes, hot wheels cars, animation cels (small collection), promo cards, books... but I've stopped a lot because I am anal retentive and love a perfectly spotless and uncluttered home.  I spend too much time chatting! I hate cooking only because we are plain folk and don't like a lot of stuff or else I'd love cooking.  I hate cleaning but am compulsive about it.  I am the one who cleans before the cleaning person arrives.  I am not an expert in the field of autograph collecting nor handwriting analysis. I will however, offer opinions if asked.   My experience in collecting is about 5 years.   I collect most of my autographs through the mail.  Some I have gotten in person, others through email requests and quite a few from other collectors by trading etc.  Some I have purchased from either the celebrity or Ebay.  That majority of my collection though is from through the mail requests.

Background information: 

  I originate from Rhode Island where I spent the first 18 years of my life. In high school, I was involved in a lot of activities from girls track and field (where I sucked badly, but once placed third in the mile), to the nerdy smoking council (we went to schools and taught the dangers of smoking), to the princess "Jr Marshall's", to the artsy drama club to the intellectual Yearbook staff (I won a Pin and Scroll award too!).  I was also the girl in the bathroom smoking, the girl who got into a few fights, the girl who liked everyone from my cheerleader friend, to the pothead next door, the jocks who occupied "the corner" and  and the ugly boy that no one would talk to and pick on every day.  I was the girl who broke up fights and ended up with the worse end of the deal.  I was also the girl who sucker punched my best friend when she told a lie that hurt someone terribly!  Sure, it wasn't about me, but someone had to set things right.  I was everyone you knew in high school all at once and yet no one at all. 

       I left home after high school to join the United States Air Force.  After basic training, I went to Michigan where my I fondly remembered helping to rewrite regulations for my job and when I shot one of my mobility teammates in the butt. It's also where I met and married my husband 11 months later.  Less than a year after that I gave birth to my first son, Jason.  We received orders shortly thereafter and moved to Riverside, California.  I left the Air Force when my second son Jeremy was born a year after moving to California. I saw my oldest son was exhibiting problems like slow speech etc. and daycare was hard to find, so I decided I should stay home with the boys. A few months after Jeremy was born, we couldn't survive on an airman's salary and so I opened a daycare that I ran out of my home. I had about 10 kids and ran it like a Nazi camp though a bit like Mary Poppins. I did that for a couple years till we changed bases and received orders to move to Minot, North Dakota.  Not wanting to do day care again or rejoin the military, it was work or go to school.  I couldn't be idle.  So with only two places to work on base for a now civilian, the better option was school.  I attended Minot State University for two years plus and spent a lot of time involved in softball as did the husband and kids.  I sucked at softball but eventually was good enough to play every game and start, but my team won the base championship. A family emergency got us medical orders to move to Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona (located in Tucson).  To make ends meet, I took a job working at the base commissary and I did that for about a year until Scott went on a remote tour to Oman in the Middle East for a year where he worked in the Embassy. With two children and no family there or friends at that point, I had to stay home for a year. To occupy my time, I became immersed  in the O. J. Simpson trial, when I began being independent and sharing opinions and discovering the almighty internet!. I think my obsession with voicing my opinion was the availability of chat boards.  I even was contacted once by one of the women that worked on the trial on the prosecution's side!  She wanted to hear opinions and I thought how great that was that someone actually cared about what you had to say!  When Scott got back from a year tour,  I went to a community college called Pima Community College for a year to fill in my math, science and foreign language etc... with the intentions of transferring to the University of Arizona. I was in the process of doing that and had been accepted when fate stepped in we again received orders. This time to Langley AFB  in Virginia.  We moved there and being daunted by the fact they wouldn't take any of my credits, I decided to just go to college for computer classes and what floated my boat that month.  I did some volunteer work for a while at the American Red Cross and then from there decided it was time to work again.  So I got a job at a temp agency.  I worked a few weeks at a credit union in the marketing department, a few months at State Farm Auto Insurance taking claims (while their restructure of the company made everything centralized) and finally worked at Old Point National Bank working on bankruptcies, repossession, foreclosures, charged-off accounts, and even skip tracing (hence why I can find some people).  I also took all incoming calls and worked a lot of charitable things for the bank.  I did that for over 2.5 years and then quit because collections isn't my thing.  I hate being mean! But maybe some of my meanness was developed there.  I certainly learned to be more tough.  Sometimes, you had to or be fired.  In any case, for the past two years I've been here at home working in a converted bedroom I call my office.  It's called an office because that's where I pay bills!   That's where I am today. Scott has retired from the Air Force and is now working at the Defense Supply Center in Richmond, VA.


     I guess I am your average person with an autograph fetish and I guess that's my life in a nutshell.  So now you know all about me and my background.  Oh, one more thing... I do not consider myself above anyone. If  I was asked to describe myself what would I say?  Organized, opinionated, anal retentive border-lining on psychosis, honest, hard-working, caring, mood alters too much, whiner, responsible, dependable and decent. I am the person who'd hold that door open for you.  But I am also the person to yell out the window and tell you to shut up if you were being too noisy! I can live with being called bitchy because I acknowledge that fault.  I can live with insults, so long as they are true.  But as my family will attest, never accuse me unjustly for that is when I am an ugly person.  I guess that's all and that's as honest as it gets

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