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     This is a list of eBay user names of sellers believed to be dealing in forged autographs. Some of the sellers also have some autographed items that are believed to be genuine, but most do not. Some may be well aware that they are selling fakes, whilst others may not. This list is far from complete and additions will be added occasionally.
     The list was originally compiled by concerned parties and not myself. I am the caretaker of it as the original party was threatened ...  I personally have no problems with carrying on the list.  The names here are NOT added arbitrarily.  Here is how it works:
     Names are submitted and they are looked at by myself and if it's blatantly obvious, I may add them.  To be considered blatantly obvious, I would have to be EXTREMELY familiar with the signatures, do multiple comparisons from in person and mail sources and if even one ounce of doubt, I've enlisted the aid of some people who have knowledge of special signatures.  I talk to collectors with much experience in certain forms of collecting: Ie: Disney, Star Trek, Sports and other related areas.  I get multiple opinions and names are NOT added unless there is evidence beyond the opinions gathered.  This is done in a couple different ways and I cannot explain that; that would compromise the endeavor.  Herein lies the trust factor; I have no personal beef with any of these people and names submitted are scrutinized because we want to be sure names are truly selling a multitude of fakes and that names are not submitted because someone doesn't like someone. 
     This list is merely a guide. It's intent is to warn consumers that the below listed has had multiple cases of forged items for sale.  Be careful before buying any autographed memorabilia. To help you in your purchases, I direct you to the section of this site entitled:  consumer information as well as the:
* I have personally witnessed to surely be selling fakes with no doubts at all.
1 3jaysinc 53 mandmpx # ***** ~
2 4collecting 54 mccrack@dccnet.com
3 allstarautographs-co-uk 55 micha10-5 ~ ( (Anthony Daniels)
4 alltypeofthings 56 mmarc2122@aol.com
5 amiee1212 57 moviemiracles # ***** ~
6. andys.soulbox(### 2, 3, 9, 10 (said Kenny Baker gave him signatures; lied; also sells bootlegs) May be also denisesfinds (wife's ID) so beware of that name; Ebay "empty Scam packages" Andy Mayfield; wife Denise. 58 mshu4@hotmail.com
7 ashew 59 NE Autographs ###, 1,3, 4, 10,11 NEW
8 atticbargain 60 Noreproints@aol.com # ***** ~ aka noreprints
9 authenticabilia 61 npokmop
10 authenticautographs98035 62 Ovipson 5
11 auto-cast-memrobilia 63 ozarkwholesalers
12 autographdealer 64 Piecepast2 ***
13 autographoutlet 65 pieces_of_time
14 autographs4sell 66 prestigecollectibles
15 autographsaustralia 67 prettygirlsauctions
16 autohound1951 68 psycoticmc@aol.com
17 autopicsonline 69 *realgraphs*
18 axop (aka US Trade Discount) 70 ritravis
19 back_stage 71 rocker5
20 backstagefun 72 rockgems55
21 bigsuperstar 73 rockingems@aol.com
22 bostongallery 74 rockshowcollectables
23 boxofficehits 75 rusher23
24 britney_luver123 76 rxracds
25 bubble-n-squeak *** 77 say_ow_rules
26  byrum-enterprises 78 scificollect-half aka scificollect
27 caponey 79 signaturestore
28 careta 80 signed!
29 Celebritysignings  *** 81 signed_items
30 chrislovessherry 82 simplyautographs aka mastergraphs
31 classicgraphs 83 skateman99
32 copious_goodies  **** 84 s-lcollectibles
33 dreamartuk 85 sluggworth
34 dtotten@sover.net 86 stalker2k
35 filmzauber88 & 87 Starmarks.net (see Axop) ***** # 4
36 fbd2003 88 starrz2
37 fbdautographs 89 starsignings
38 frodoface1 90 starstruckautographs
39 gds9564 91 theedge39
40 goldnblack 92 theimagegallery
41 Jakesmom2002 *** 93 the-legends
42 Jakesmom2003 *** 94 ticktock1965 aka Andys.soulbox. aka looknold; multiple ID's changes ### 2, 3, 9, 10  May be also denisesfinds (wife's ID) so beware of that name."empty Scam packages" Andy Mayfield; wife Denise.
43 jake1st@taconic.net 95 topsignings
44 jbaugh1481@aol.com 96 traider@webtv.net
45 joeybearpa *** 1 97 tripllauto@aol.com
46 justcollect1969 98 tswee10305@aol.com
47 ka9zre@yahoo.com 99 ultimatemovies
48 keachfan 100 usagr
49 kihmari123456 1,4,8 www.heroesandstars.com
50 kidpip 101 zotherguy
51 looknold Aka Andys.soulbox aka ticktock1965 ### 2, 3, 9, 10 May be also denisesfinds (wife's ID) so beware of that name."empty Scam packages"; real name Andy Mayfield; wife Denise. 102
52 magazinesusa 103  

Forgers in the News:

Personal Experiences; you should beware too:

Chris Macht
129 W Quincy #3
Westmont, IL 60559




the 'watch' list *

*     These have been submitted but not watched yet; also, all of these have changed Ebay ID's. You can search under all changed names. If you encounter a new Ebay ID for these users, please submit.

**    Suspended or expelled by UACC and are possibly the same people under different ID's

*** Has a forgery charge (6 months with suspended sentence) against him/was manager of Ray Park.

****  Major authentication company verified items as forgeries.

*****  Is no longer a registered user

#    has multiple aliases

~    Private Auctions and/or Private feedback

 Looks at sites for Lord of the Rings and other autographs from rare people who never signed for more than a small handful of people at most....forges signatures and sells on Ebay.  Took a couple off my own site and it was impossible for Celeb to have signed seeing they told me they had not signed any others!  Claims to get in person to some people and changes stories depending who emails him/her. May be a girl.  Claims to not speak English well, but was caught in lies there too; also mentioned as a forger on www.anthonydaniels.com

( Selling Fake Star Wars items; caught by an official source such as celebrity and fans

###  Has had at minimum, two or more complaints submitted and is one step away from being on the X-list

@ Buying from Xlist companies and reselling

This dealer took signatures from my site or others I know and said he got "in person" signatures from "rare" signers who had personally told myself or my friend that they never signed another autograph before ours.  When questioned, the dealer said he got the items in person two years before!  This was impossible and the celebrity never signed those items.

1 continual complaints about this seller.

2 Feedbacks are horrendous, including forgery claim, illegal sales of copyrighted material, Bogus phone number and address, and Dozens of people not receiving items.

3 Star Wars items all done in same hand

4 Dozens or many items by same rare signers

5 Seller self confessed new seller and proof of that by date signed onto Ebay; but later said collector from around the world many years; in addition, seller's auctions in combination of languages to confuse buyer. This site confirmed more than one forgery. Seller's location not conducive to some of the graphs he gets; person submitting the name noted major discrepancies in spelling of names and one other person looking at submissions noted a photograph NOT signed by the appropriate celebrity who supposedly signed it.  There is enough evidence to be concerned at this point.  More information needed to upgrade to Xlist.  If you have information to nail this person, please email

6 Seller would not give details and/or Scans of the items in question.

7 Complaint by celebrity/celebrity website and second opinion noted some if not all the items were suspect.

8 Mixture of good items mixed in with bad items; a good mixture (in other words, not just one or two bad but several).

9 Seller caught lying in email exchanges

10 Google search of seller yielded complaints on other boards, forums, groups or personal sites.

11 NOTHING on this person's site/auction is legit. Person needs legal action taken against them as it's believed they are intentionally and willfully forging every item


allthingshavetheirday SUSPECTED accomplice to Andys.soulbox aka ticktock965 aka looknold who are on the xlist
aulebachf (Germany Ebay mostly); Added 04/04/06
awchristler  ~ 2  
hbuford2005 6, 4
cheffreyscoolcollectibles *
CTautographs *

fastestshippersaroundusa ~ 2, 3, 4 ###

Globalvia ###
gotitsigned * *****  Added 03/13/06
inferisonline~ *    Added February 2006
mamar3 turned in for "Empty package scam"; "Unconfirmed Pay Pal address" caused him to retract his money on Pay Pal.


memor1es **
Memorabiliashop0  #  ### 
moviecollection00 %
msps_realgraphs_ltd **** may be working out of cypress
nomorewanted SUSPECTED accomplice to Andys.soulbox aka ticktock965 aka looknold who are on the xlistNEW
origina1s **



silversigner * ***** Added 03/13/06
Sky_autographs ***
sportivation * Added 03/13/06 (Based on Star Wars sigs only; even Anthony Daniels agreed his signature was forged and put this person on his site too)  Germany Ebay mostly.
star*signings * Added 03/13/06 (Based on Star Wars sigs only; even Anthony Daniels agreed his signature was forged and put this person on his site too)
scificollect-half  7, 8   Added 09/14/07              
superstar*mart * Added 03/13/06
tanyas50 @  Added 03/13/06
thatsmysign * added 03/13/06
timeplay** Jeff Lee
uxxu1  * Added 03/13/06 (Based on Star Wars sigs only; even Anthony Daniels agreed his signature was forged and put this person on his site too)  Germany Ebay mostly.


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