Address Research & Collecting Skills 101

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Lesson Five: Collecting for Advanced Collector


      Well, you've made it.  Here in this lesson, you'll be right where I am in my collecting phase.  I consider it a more advanced state, but who knows, maybe I'm really just beginning.  If that's the case, I promise to come back online sometime in the future and give another "final" lesson.  If you STILL haven't found anything that has helped you in your collecting and had all this information already, I hope you can learn something in this lesson.  If you know something I don't, please inform me.  Teach me so that I in turn can do the same for others!      


Summary Lesson #4

1. You learned about Mapquest and it's possible use to aid in locations or help with unidentifiable successes/RTS's

2.  You saw what white pages, yellow pages, email look-ups and reverse address look-ups can do for you.  You now realize that some stars WANT to be found!

3.  You browsed my page that lists links to  celebrity e-mail addresses and mailing addresses and possibly found people there.

4. You discovered BBC and British Actor's Equity and maybe found people there.  Although you don't have an address for these people, you know that the addresses furnished for BBC and BAE might work... sometimes mail gets forwarded to the star if they are currently with those organizations. 

5.  SAG is a "good thing".  Don't abuse it.  You went to the site and realize that once in a while you can get an actor's contact information by making a phone call.  The International Directory lists all countries.  You can do email and address searches there!  This too, is a "good thing".

6.  You realize magazines and books give you addresses, production information, updates and all kinds of stuff to aid you in your autograph hunts.  You might even buy one!

7.  You need supplies like photos for the stars to sign, and you found links for those here!

8.  Movie and TV studios are where casts can be found if the films/shows are in production.  Lucky I've given you a list of the more prominent ones!  Now you are excited and will look at IMDB and find movies in production and write the celebrities there!  Or at the very least, use the phone numbers provided to ask about a specific film's/show's fan mail address.


IN This Lesson

Using your network/Sharing

Forming a research group

Searching browsers effectively

Using the telephone/Requesting & buying Media Directories/library

Relatives/Code of Ethics

Books that list addresses/Barnes & Noble/Books-A-Million/Amazon

The Power of IMDB: Guilds/Agencies (Puppeteers, Stunts etc.)

Agents-New York, California, Australia and United Kingdom

Net Detective/E-Appraisals



TIP #1 Your network is at it's peak and can't get any better.  Now's the time to decide whether you trust your network enough.  Pick one or two of your most trusted buddies and see if they want to swap address lists and information  with you.  Don't do more right now.  Too much address sharing means you have given up all leverage for bartering.  Be careful.  Someone may trick you into sharing and have nothing in return or turn on you and give out all your information.  It's happened to me... it happens to the best of us.  That's why I give this information last.  But before you give out any or all of your list, send just a list of names. Have them send you one.  Then you can see what each other has and decide if  you want to swap a few names or the whole list. BE VERY CAREFUL.       


Tip #2 Use that network to form a research group.  Make a pact and an email list with 3 or 4 of your best buddies.  Tell them to do the same.  Gather a list of names you are all looking for and split the list out evenly.  Once or twice a week, spend an hour or two trying to find the addresses by using information I've given you.  Then email each other with the results.  If your group ends up to be one or two people doing the work, just don't email the others anymore.  Keep track of who's working and who is not.  Give back generously to those who've helped you the most! Never pass along addresses if the star tells you not to!  I have a couple nice friends and I like to send them information, addresses, extra autographs I get or inexpensive items they collect.  Giving makes you feel good! But I never pass out information I shouldn't.  Or if I want to, I'll email the person I got it from and ask. But always be careful.    


Tip #3  Search browsers effectively makes a big difference in what you'll find or miss.  I urge you to think of precise ways to search.  How do you do this?  Pick only two browsers you like the most.  Mine happen to be Google and Dogpile.  Use plurals... like Autograph Dealer and Autograph Dealers.  If using a long phrase like Star Wars Celebrity Autographs and Addresses, you must decide what it is you really want.  If it is Star Wars Autographs, then put it in quotations "Star Wars Autographs".  But remember, this could mean dealers, peoples scans, articles about autographs or anything!  So you can put in something like "Star Wars" Autographs - articles -books -magazine -dealers.  This means you don't want to see anything with articles, books, magazines or dealers in it.  Some will slip through, depending on the other meta-tagging going on.  But it will narrow your search.  Searching though a browser is tough.  You never know how deep you'll go and can get lost easily.  That's why I've listed the best sites I found for your specific needs.  If you can type in Celebrity Addresses,  think of other ways to say that and more sites will pop up.  For example, "Film Addresses", "Movie Star Addresses", "Celebrity Home Addresses", "Celebrity Email addresses".  Put it in quotes.  Or for Movie Star Addresses, you'll get everything with movie, star and addresses in it.  It you put quotes about "Movie Star" but not addresses, you'll get everything with Movie Star and Addresses in it.  I think you get my drift here!  There's more, but at least you have a start. 


Tip #4  You've done all you can and STILL can't find that address.  What I am gonna tell you here is not for the weak.  It's not to be abused either and I'll expect you NOT to use it often.  I've just done this and it can work, but remember, it could cause trouble or you could get the phone slammed down on your ear.  You can call agents and ask for client lists.  You can try a few agents to see if they have some casting directories etc.  There is a Hollywood big book of actors and their agents, one for Writers, Producers, Technicians etc.  They are Film Industry Bibles to me!  If you contact an agent and ask if they represent Nicole Kidman and they say no, then you can say, is there any directory in your office or that you can point me to where I can find out who is representing her?  If it's not their client, the odds are they will NOT give out that info.  But some MIGHT.  You might get a temp or something....  just make sure you are prepared for questions like "Who are you?" and "Why are you requesting this information?" or "What will you do with this information?"  Remember charm is the key!  Be polite, calm, and sincere.  Some may view it as violation of a privacy, but the truth is that most of the info is public knowledge.  Sometimes libraries might have these celebrity directories.  It's worth a shot.  Go to the library and use their PC's to see what's available!  One last tip I've not tried yet but it's rather clever if I do say so myself!:  You can ask for an agents OLD directory.  They do get new ones yearly, so if you live by an agent, ask for the old one!  Hey, it never hurts to try.  Lastly, you can purchase these directories if all else fails.  See link at left for information, but be prepared to spend a few dollars because they are expensive.  E-mailing agents also sometimes worked, but let's face it, this too can get you poor results.  I got one the other day who just said, NO!


Tip #5  STILL can't find the person in question?  What about their relatives!  Be careful here.  You don't want to bug people you don't know.  Maybe though you can find an email address of say Eric Roberts but not Julia Roberts.  Then see if something in his bio etc. gives a clue as to her whereabouts.  Or if you find his agent, maybe she's got the same one.  Never dismiss relatives as a source of information.  Take note of a sentence in passing that might include someone's name.  But before you write to someone else to get at the star you want or email a person other than the intended, use a code of ethics.  Here's my personal one (you'll have to adopt your own-I'd like to see yours!):

    1.  Never bother a celebrity under the age of 13 and older than 85

    2.  Never bother a celebrity who is eating, at a wedding, funeral, in the bathroom, with small  children during a family outing, when they are on the phone or go to their home, family's homes, or other personal addresses.

    3.  Never try to get medical, dental or other personal information that's none of your business

    4.  IF a celebrity says no, don't be rude, just leave or say ok.  Still be nice to them too.

    5.  Never bother an ill celebrity

I think you get my gist.  Just let's be real here.  Treat others how you'd like to be treated if you were a celebrity.


Tip #6 Books are a good way of getting easy addresses.  Did you know you can buy them?  Go to or one of the other book companies to see what's out there. I have a book entitled: "The Celebrity Address Handbook & Autograph Guide 2000".  This book give you 90% addresses found on the net, but for $19.95, it could save you hours of searching.  Depends, how lazy are you?  Personally, I find satisfaction in the hunt, but here I give you all options.  You'll note there aren't many to purchase, but there are SOME books with addresses in them.  Keep in mind that by the time a person finishes writing these books and it goes to publish, many might be outdated though.   You sure can, but they'll cost you a pretty penny.  Like the Film Industry Bibles I've talked about, these books too, may be just as close as your local library.  Try it!  


Tip #7 Now for some IMDB power! Sure, you know that IMDB sometimes lists agents email addresses or physical addresses.  But how can you use IMDB to get addresses that aren't there?  The clue is in their credits.  For example go to IMDB and look up Roman Coppola who did a bit part as a palace guard in Ep I.  Look at his filmography.  What does it say?  It says he is a cinematographer, actor, producer, director, writer etc.  Not all are renaissance men/women, but this means I can find him rather easily.  The key is GUILDS.  If you are in the Armed Services, you would be part of the AFA or NCOA.  If you are a marksman, you might belong to the NRA.  If you are a writer, then you belong to the writer's guild!  Not 100% of the time, but most likely.  Those who are professionals usually like keeping their status and these guilds offer great incentives to be members.  So if you see a star is a director, write the Director's guild!  Writer?  Writer's guild!  But PLEASE only do this AFTER you've exhausted all options and do research to see if they might be a guild member.  If too many letters start flooding the guilds, they may not forward anymore.  So 1) go through all agents 2) go through venues (also obtainable on IMDB see Lesson 4) 3) go to events where they might be 4) trade/purchase etc. and 5) try agents via email and other means BEFORE going through the guilds.  And make sure you think they might be a member.  Be responsible.   I've enclosed some guild addresses for you.  See the links at left for Australia/New Zealand, Great Britain and US guilds.


Tip #8 Agents are your friends.  You see, agents know that it's the fan who buys the movie ticket.  Agents know that as long as fan mail is coming, their clients are in demand.  It is to their clients best interest to treat the fans with some respect.  But it is MY opinion that they should only treat you with respect if you treat them with respect.  Remember they are no different than you.  They just has a talent or quality that got them recognized and now they are public figures.  But also remember that agents are almost MORE important than the star as far as the fan goes.  They are the go between.  They make contractual proposals.  They can suggest things to a star that may hinder or increase the star's signing habits.  So be even MORE respectful to them. For your convenience, I've included a VERY large list of agent addresses.  It's up to you to find who may belong to which agent.  But if you come across an article that says, "Mr. Jones' agent Jim from ICM says, ....."   then all you have to do is pull up my pages and look up ICM!  Now you found him.  I am not done with the Great Britain/Australian Agents yet.  Please be patient and check back.  I should be done soon.  In the meantime, there are over 400 US ones for you!


Something Good: E-Appraisals and Net Detective.  Two more "good things" for you.  Net Detective is a program that allows you to search public records for information. I have this program and have not used it.  There are many clones and services on the net like this that will allow you to do the same thing.  It costs money and is barely more effective than researching yourself.  I personally think address researches should sink so low, but you can indeed get information here, so I thought it's something worth mentioning.  I've included the link at for it at left but there is a fee...

   Eppraisals is a service that will value your collection for a fee.  I personally recommend putting a fair market value on your items and just add a "rider" to your homeowners policy.  But for those who just WANT to know, Eppraisals offers a good service.  Enjoy.


Homework Assignment: Barter and share a couple addresses with friends but only do it for really special addresses you need.  Form a research group.  Try searching different browsers.  Use plural and different names to search.  Sometimes things are called different things... try them all.  Put quotations in.  Use - to exclude words you might want.  See if you get different results.  Call or email and agent and ask for help finding someone, but be prepared to be grilled.  Code of ethics: develop one of your own or borrow mine.  Check out bookstores online or in your neighborhood for celebrity address books.  Check your library too. Check IMDB for your favorite stars and see if they are not only actors, but producers, directors etc.  Then if you can't find the address use the guilds!  Bookmark my page listing celebrity agents.  Do some reading and see how this could be useful to you.  Check out Eppraisals and Net Detective and similar sources.  Try doing the work yourself first, but it all else fails, investigate their uses.




I hope you enjoyed these lessons and they've been of some help.  I've got other information regarding searching browsers better, booklists and other things that might prove useful in the future.  Now go, and get your Graduation certificate!


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