Temporary page to showcase my new office! Click photos for larger view.



1) Desk where I do my computing 2) Desk which I had to buy... needed place for TV and printer and storage (takes up too much room though!)  3) bookcase which houses my signed books, and my autograph binders.  4) My chaise is gone; I have temporarily put a little chair which may be replaced by a small comfy chaise  5) the only thing still original in the room the dresser which has Star Wars stuff and some clothing.  I have too much junk!

I've redecorated by buying new desks and a bookcase.  I repainted from Dark green to a taupe sort of color to brighten and I added curtains as well as removed a ton of Star Wars memorabilia from the walls.  Goal was to be more a girly office than a Star Wars room.  Though you may see some plates, a couple lithos, a framed Angus McInnes autograph, a sweatshirt, and on the bookcase you will see a stuffed Ewok, two signed figures, John Williams and John Ratzenberger framed autographs and a bunch of Star wars signed books... so I couldn't get away from it completely!  LOTR you might notice the Argonath bookends.  But as many know, I had a LOT more Star Wars stuff before.

Next up: Roman shades, chaise and new brown leather desk chair.