Three Advanced Screening tickets for Star Wars: A New Hope Special Edition, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Special Edition and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Special Edition.
Episode II Advances Employee Luncheon and Screening Tickets and Star Wars Magic of Myth Ticket.  The Luncheon ticket is signed by Mr. Lucas.  The right card was given to me by a crew member.
Episode I and two Episode II Cast/Crew Screening tickets.  The first was signed by Phil Eason, the second Bjorn Johnson and the third David Bubb.  First was given to me by Mr. Eason, second was obtained right from Mr. Johnson and the latter was a trade and is signed by David Bubb.
From Left to right: two Charity Advanced Screening tickets (center one is Chicago) and far right; RARE Battle for Endor Cast/Crew ticket. This was given to me by a Battle for Endor Cast member. The charity invites came with paperwork and a "Passport".  Not sure what that Star Wars "Passport" was for.
Dinner with Mr George Lucas invitation. Right is part of the inside.  Along with this came other paperwork.  Including a price lists for different tables.  This also came
Return of the Jedi Academy Award Screening Ticket. It is numbered 595 (right) and I wonder whose ticket it was!


Fourth of July party invitation to Skywalker Ranch. Obtained via an ex-employee; 1998 Halloween ILM Bash (front & back) NEW
ILM/Skywalker Sound/Lucas Digital Season's Greetings Lenticular postcard signed on the backside by two ILM Employees (not shown-see my Pirates and Harry Potter areas for that) NEW