Hallway which I like to think of an my

animation gallery. Right now it only has 12

cels, but potentially, I can see about 15 total

fitting here when I redo it someday. This

has to do with autographs slightly as some are

signed; also, you'll see a Star Wars cel too!

Animation Gallery.  Ok, we live in a small house so it's the hallway, but I used the same framing all the way through. Matting used was the same on the outer matte and the inner matte are bright vivid colors  (all different matching the cel somehow)  There are 10 on this wall.

Two views of the total small hall. At the end of the hall is one more Garfield cel with a Garfield stuffed animal shelf.  This should come down though.  I can't dust it and I might like to put another piece of animation later. In the bottom photo to the right side (part closest to the shelf) you see another framed item.  This is a Willy Wonka signed photo (signed by all 5 kids). 

On the other side is a larger cel (Tom Sawyer).  This was a presentation piece to the voice artist. Bought it directly from him and he signed it.  What you can't see in the two tiny wall areas are family photos and a small cabinet housing a collection of Hallmark Holiday bear figurines.  I would like to remove these some day and put more animation up.

Just closer views of the cels. In the top photo, you see a Heathcliff cel. I need to have the outer matte redone as the measurement is wrong and is driving me insane.