Jeremy's room/Guest Room: This is my son's room, but 

he's at college, so I store "stuff" in there.  If you come to

visit, this is where you'll probably sleep... hope you like the

movies and Star Wars!

Scorpion King movie Prop and R2D2 Phone sits on one of the dressers.

This is the other dresser; houses a Francis Ford Coppola signed Cinematography Awards program/book and some empty film reels.

Mini posters (they are like 10" x13 or something odd.  I could NOT find framing anywhere, and I didn't want to use matting.  So we made our own with thin strips of molding.

I was thinking of painting out the ceiling black and putting glow in the dark stars on it and taking out the dressers and putting in a flat panel large TV... need money first...

I cannot find closet doors to fit this and don't know what to put here, so we just have a curtain! Inside houses something I want to get rid of: See below

Here's some of what's in the closet: books: Star Wars books...


Wall of photos.  Once upon a time, the walls were literally lined with photos. a hundred of them.  Later, most of these will come down. I haven't decorated this room fully yet.

The other dresser. See left for close up.

TV Between dresser sold an Ewok/Droids Advertisement and below, a signed Dukes of Hazzard car. .

The Daybed with a couple things on the wall (three signed director photos; Spielberg, James Cameron and Peter Jackson Along with a Titantic Lighted film cel and litho I got for a swap meet price. I am looking for a large clapboard and a large film reel with some film in it to put up...

The Window.  Might as well include it, that's all that's left!

Three metallic Star Wars puzzles are framed on the walls. I want to take these out too and put up lighted marquees.  Just can't find nice clean working one that I can afford. YET.  I would like to add a popcorn cart too.  The 'boy' is actually a mannequin that is wearing an elf outfit from "Santa Clause 2"  I bought this direct from Disney's charity auction.  Waking up to this might be scary though!