My Office: First photos will feature close ups of several

collectibles to show how I found things to display them

These are 2"-3" Applause PVC static figures; I THINK all of them are here. I found those boxes at the Dollar Store and stained them

Anniversary Plates of SW, ESB and Jedi.  Plate Rack at the Dollar Store! 

Photo Tray displaying some screening tickets and a photo.  These trays are inexpensive and I think I got this from the ABC catalog.

Another Tray from Target holding a figure, loose figures, a Willits cel and a ticket. I used plastic self-stick hooks.

Figures, Stampers and misc. in a cutlery tray.  Target was where I got these... set of three all different sizes. 

Last tray, holding two photos and some Star Wars Happy Hippos.

Two photos of the same wall showing how I put them up.  A little cluttered, but what ya gonna do?  Those frames at top old oversized Topps cards from ESB.  Frames from Big Lots... Second photo to the right of the plates, you see a baseball card holder.  It holds 20 cards.  Coincidentally, that's exactly how many A Level Autographed Evolution cards there were.  That worked great!  You can get these at craft and framing stores and possibly Wal-Mart or Target.

The cursed chaise.  Anyone who sits here more than 10 minutes is in dreamland. You need one of these to rest your computer aches like Carpal Tunnel or Mouse shoulder.

Nothing to do with autographs, but I got everything else in the room, so here's the ceiling (yes, it's WALLPAPERED)

Ralph McQuarrie Print as you walk in the room.

Nesting tables that can hold photos Right now they don't have photos in it (fabric matching my curtains) but inexpensive: Obtain these anywhere, but I think these were from Collections Etc. Catalog.

Sweatshirt and autograph mounted in a shadow box.  The tickets I just stuck in the cracks on the outside. You can get these shadow boxes at Michael's, Ben Franklin,  or any craft or framing store.

Bookcase that holds printer and paper and all my autographs.  This is 90% of my collection here. The binders are generic Office Max Binders. I used gold lettering to label each project

Bookcase with all signed books and bottom my Ewok and autograph supplies. I bought this unfinished because later on, I wanted to add a matching dresser and smaller bookcase (see left). At these unfinished wood store, styles stay for a long long time, so great idea if you think  you'll add on!

Here's that matching dresser.  Doesn't have anything to do with autographs except I use it to house toys and smaller items in the top two drawers. Another unfinished wood item. 

The rest of the desk where I spend WAY too much time.

The desk. Those are Ralph McQuarrie Lighted Lithos at the top.  On the desk at the top you see two Willits lighted frames (to put your film cels in). Left photo three more white Binders hold Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and different size plastic sheets for the autographs.  Below you can see Pierce Brosnan's autographed photo. I like to have him next to me.... lol