Below are Star Wars cast/crew items that once belonged to crew (see Invites too for more). These were given to me by cast or crew members.. 

Star Wars Blueprints; signed by crew member

What's cool about this is two fold: for one, it's been worn by a puppeteer and for two, it's Revenge of the Jedi and not Return of the Jedi.  

Given by Mr. Lucas to cast members.  It's a calendar of Skywalker Ranch. Given by an Ep II cast member.

T-Shirt of the VFX crew.  However, this particular one I recieved with a Lucas signed Luncheon Ticket and Screening ticket as a package; I do have another couple T-Shirts given to me by crew members. They haven't been scanned in.

Two sheets of paper from Return of the Jedi and "Blue Harvest" the codename for Return of the Jedi before the title was a reality.  This has a crew member's name on it, but I deleted it in  Photoshop for privacy sake. NEW