Peter Diamond signed photos.  Obtained through purchase directly from Mr. Diamond. Top photo I may have sold or traded as I don't see it in my binder...If I have traded/sold this to someone and they are reading this, please email me so I can remove the image. Mr. Diamond was a Stormtrooper/Tusken Raider/Death Star Trooper/Garouf Lafoe also first skiff guard into Sarlacc pit, scout trooper who Luke throws into tree in Star Wars: A New Hope and a Snowtrooper Gunner in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. He was a stunt person in Star Wars: A New Hope, Stunt Coordinator in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back and Stunt Arranger in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.  I am willing to sell/trade the Tusken Raider image (dedicated to Arnie) and the Death Star Trooper (Grainy and dedicated to me).  I also have a cancelled check I decided not to show. Not for sale or trade though.