Phil Eason signed photo, invite and index card. Obtained through the mail. The top photo is of the character he puppeteered...  Mr. Eason was Yaddle in: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace.  Six months after I mailed him a thank you package.... I recieved the package back return to sender.  AMAZING.  I lost his address and originally promised to send cards of his character.  I amassed about 20 of them to send him and had a couple letters and a card for him as thanks... so sad I lost the address... if you read this Mr. Eason, this is one of my favorite successes ever.  Your photo is great and I want to thank you!  I'd consider the index card for sale trade if someone has something decent in trade... I won't part with this because of its rarity unless the item in exchange is something equal to me.