The Motor City Comic Con is signed by:


1. Dan Brereton did New Jedi Order Sourcebook, Cover of Star Wars Tales Number 4, Galaxy card #213, Prelude to a Rebellion #4 (Cover), and more!


2. Al Feldstein does wildlife/Sci-Fi and Western art mainly.  Editor and contributor to countless comics and projects.


3. Scott Hampton Did Star Wars New Visions card Number 97 and is well known in the industry for many projects.


4. Bruce Jones authored SW: ESB: ROJ Comic Adaptations, Star Wars: A New Hope - Special Edition Number 2.


5. Vince Locke Star Wars Galaxy card Number 360, Star Wars Galaxy comic: The Emperor's Trophy and more


6. Kagen McLeod: did SW comic: Survivors.


7. George Pratt SW Visions card Number 119; contributor to Art of SW Galaxy book


8. William Stout Penciled/inked: Classic Star Wars-Return of the Jedi (Pencils/inker), SW Galaxy card Number 129 Series one


9. John Van Fleet:  Power of the Jedi Sourcebook (interior artwork); SW Gamer #7 (interior artwork), SW Galaxy Promo Card #4, Darth Maul's Revenge Cover


10. Michael Zulli SW Comic: Stones (interior artwork)