Warren Duxbury signed photo and index card and unsigned photo of his character. Obtained through the mail. Mr. Duxbury was two characters he said, "One made it into the film... while the other became an action figure. I played the Quarren Senator's Aide" The other character was a Paccithip Space Miner who has a bit of a tussle and acknowledgment from Obi-Wan as he enters Dex's Diner. To my surprise, when I saw Episode II, this was replaced by a digital aerial shot and digital characters were used instead ...but I was scanned in that costume by the new 3D Laser Toy Scanning Technique and was released as the Action Figure Ketwol. Unfortunately they allude to the Episode IV Cantina Scene on the packaging and not the Episode II deleted scene.  Mr. Duxbury helped work on C-3PO and also did some extras directing... and he also Produced and wrote Dark Redemption..