Ralph McQuarrie signed index card and prints. Prints obtained through purchase.  Index card through the mail. I have another framed print, you'll have to visit the Collectibles area and click on how I display my collection to see that one.  That's because the prints are very large and can't scan them.  Photos come out badly! Mr. McQuarrie was General McQuarrie and a matte artist/design and concept artist in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back and he was an artist/illustrator on Star Wars: A New Hope,  and concept artist on Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. He worked as an illustrator on the Star Wars Holiday Special as well.  He can also bee seen in From Star Wars to Jedi: Making of a Saga.  I might consider sale of the print, but it's framed and shipping will cost quite a bit, so consider that.  It's not only signed, it's dated as well.