All artists and authors did many things, but for Star Wars purposes, Matt Busch worked on: Books:

Secrets of Naboo, Tapani Sector Instant Adventures

Alliance Intelligence Reports

Galladinium's Fantastic Technology, Heroes & Rogues

Tales from the Empire

Articles: Ando Project, The: SW Adventure Journal #11

Day of the Sepulchral Night: SW Adventure Journal #13

From the Files of Corellia Antilles: SW Adv. Journal #14

Short Story Credits:

Finder's Fee: SW Adventure Journal #6, No Disintegrations, Please: SW Adventure Journal #14, Side Trip, Part One: SW Adventure Journal #12, Spare Parts: SW Adventure Journal #11 and

He's also done more posters, convention programs, and several other kids articles and other things. The list is endless...

 If you know of any other Star Wars projects, let me know. Obtained in person.