All artists and authors did many things, but for Star Wars purposes, Mr. Al Williamson worked on: Classic Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter of Ord Mantell, Classic Star Wars: Han Solo at Stars End, Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures, Classic Star Wars: In Deadly Pursuit, Classic Star Wars: The Rebel Storm, Classic Star Wars: Escape from Hoth, Comic Book Adaptations of ESB: "Star Wars #39: The Empire Strikes Back", "Star Wars #40: The Empire Strikes Back Chapter Two: Battleground Hoth!", "Star Wars #41:The Empire Strikes Back, Chapter Three: Imperial Pursuit!", "Star Wars #42: The Empire Strikes Back, Chapter Four: To Be a Jedi!", "Star Wars #43: The Empire Strikes Back Chapter Five: Betrayal at Bespin", "Star Wars #44:
The Empire Strikes Back Chapter Six: Duel a Dark Lord!" Star Wars #50
The Crimson Forever!, Star Wars - Episode I: Phantom Menace
and Star Wars Galaxy card series #1 card 3

   If you know of any other Star Wars projects, let me know. Obtained through purchase.