#1 Dan Brereton did New Jedi Order Sourcebook, Cover of Star Wars Tales Number 4, Galaxy card #213, Prelude to a Rebellion #4 (Cover), and more!


#2 Al Feldstein does wildlife/Sci-Fi and Western art mainly.  Editor and contributor to countless comics and projects.


#3 Scott Hampton Did Star Wars New Visions card Number 97 and is well known in the industry for many projects.


#4 Bruce Jones authored SW: ESB: ROJ Comic Adaptations, Star Wars: A New Hope - Special Edition Number 2.


#5 Vince Locke Star Wars Galaxy card Number 360, Star Wars Galaxy comic: The Emperor's Trophy and more


#6 Kagen McLeod: did SW comic: Survivors.


#7 George Pratt SW Visions card Number 119; contributor to Art of SW Galaxy book


#8 William Stout Penciled/inked: Classic Star Wars-Return of the Jedi (Pencils/inker), SW Galaxy card Number 129 Series one


#9 John Van Fleet:  Power of the Jedi Sourcebook (interior artwork); SW Gamer #7 (interior artwork), SW Galaxy Promo Card #4, Darth Maul's Revenge Cover


#10 Michael Zulli SW Comic: Stones (interior artwork)