I was looking for the Ray Armstrong in Star Wars and happened upon another actor... I don't know his work, though he does have a nice credit list on IMDB including "Dr. Who", "Lovejoy", "Jekyll and Hyde".  I normally don't post letters, but this one was rude...


     " Thank you for your good wishes but I was never in Star Wars. and I hope the American people will reject Bush's mad anti-ballistic programme-why are the Americans so intent on creating military tension around the globe? And walking away from the Kyoto pact?  PS:  Please donate on my behalf to "Green Peace" Love & Peace, From Ray Armstrong.


He's pushing his political beliefs on me when all I wanted was an autograph. #2 He says "why are you Americans" not knowing if I am in fact born and bred here. People should learn never to start sentence like Why do you people.... YOU PEOPLE? How does he know what I support?  #3 He's hypocritical as he has done work in the US.  #4 I would donate funds to the Ray I was searching for, but not for a cause I would not support for a stranger whose signature I was not after.  It wasn't the cause... it's the way it was presented.