Olivia Hussey signed index card bottom right is mounted with the photo upper right. I am willing to sell/trade this as it's dedicated to Steve and I've the lovely photo at left.  It was a purchase, but it is authentic.  The photo at left is from Romeo and Juliet.  I LOVE that movie!  The photo is signed by Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey and I'd LOVE for the director to sign it... but he's yet to respond to my request.  The photo was obtained by a dealer for me at the Hollywood Collector's show in California in 2003. It's one of my all time favorite items.  Leonard was also in :Frankenstein, the True Story which is my all time favorite Frankenstein film. I loved Olivia in Jesus of Nazareth and The Last Days of Pompeii as well as her voice work in a couple Star Wars video games.