Laurie Smith signed book.  Obtained in person at National Bookfest September 24th, 2005 in Washington DC.  Ms. Smith worked as an on-camera reporter at CNN in Atlanta before moving to New York City to train at the School of Design. She was one of the first designers to take on the Trading Spaces challenge of redecorating one room for under $1,000 in 48 hours. Her love of bold and vivid colors, and the use of fine, exquisite fabrics are reflected in her recent book, Discovering Home.  The photo of her above from the Bookfest is not good because I took it while in David Baldacci's the time I got to her line, I had been loaded down with bags, books, a purse, food, a drink and had no way of digging out my camera!  So alas, this is the worse photo of the lot!