8x10 b/w photo signed by Steve Smith, ex-drummer of Journey.  Still the best, always the best!; obtained via email.

My Favorite singer!  What a voice.  He rocks!  Obtained; purchase



Journey signed CD Upper left signed by Jonathon Cain, Neil Schon, and I think Ross Valory.  We obtained this at a Journey concert. Steve Smith signed for us... I was smitten with him as the original drummer and one of the best EVER... and emailed him.  He graciously sent us this photo... and bottom, Steve Perry, my favorite male singer signed photo which I had to buy.  Steve if you're out there, I am your biggest fan... sign for me!!!  Still missing: Steve Augeri... may try to contact him at some point.  He was pretty good!  My favorite Journey song?  "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'"  though I love them all!